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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 19, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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underway, matt. >> chris and jessica a pro police rally is set to start in about an hour from now here at the intersection of cottman and frankford avenue in northeast philadelphia organizers tell me that they are here to show their support for what they called good police officers, people who show up to work every day and try to protect our communities. that said all this has happened, as there is a lot of mistrust that just continues to exist in communities around our city. protest after protest in philadelphia in recent weeks have rallied around one phrase: black lives matter, on friday, in west philadelphia, someone took that phrase and turned tonight to this, cop lives don't matter, an angry phrase sprayed black on to a west baltimore avenue fence. not all agrees. >> all lives matter. so, job might stink but life does matter. >> reporter: other graffiti condemned killing of brandon tait brown who was shot and killed by police on monday after police say he reached for a gun during a traffic stop. while most condemn graffiti some also see it as a symptom
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of broader issues. >> i think that people don't trust policeman anymore. >> reporter: it is a sentiment donna garvey hopes to help change. he is hosting a pro police rally in northeast philadelphia tonight for what he calls the 99 percent of officers who are good people. >> there can be corruption, racism in certain police forces, and i want to make it clear we don't support that at all. >> reporter: facebook page for the rally has attracted thousands of followers. >> it is a good surprise. it is great. i think it shows that it is long overdue. >> reporter: he is not sure home people will show up but hopes to show police officers there are those in the community who support them. organizers asked us to stress that they are not here in response to anyone specific incident but rather here to show their support for police in general. the as for the philadelphia police department, they have no official involvement in this rally, there will be a police presence here as you can see behind me just for security purposes as there is
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at every rally and protest, in the city. we're live from northeast philadelphia tonight, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. we have new reaction to this image posted on instagram by a philadelphia paramedic. it shows two black men point ing handguns at a white officer under the caption our real enemy. i spoke to mayor nut ber this photo earlier. >> it is offensive and you know, it is as much as we believe in and support free speech i think it is also clear that there are limits. >> this image is from a music video following the the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the paramedic has apologized for posting the image. well, there is breaking news right now. police have filed charges against a man who falsely reported a sighting of the suspect killer brad stone. the on monday police say that luke sanderland told them a man looked like stone tried to carjack him near stonington farm apartments near doylestown.
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the at the time stone was still on the run from police, investigators alleged that he made up that story. stone was later found dead near his home in pennsburg on tuesday, and police say that he killed six people in montgomery county, his ex-wife and five of her relatives. it is going to be a cold night, it already is, will the chill stick around for the weekend though? meteorologist kate bilo is in for kathy a and live on the sky deck and bundled up, kate. >> that is right, chris, you will want to bundle up here tonight and tomorrow, and right through weekend. temperatures are on the cold sigh but seasonal. our normal high is about 43. that is about where we got to today. steadily now, with the clear sky, you don't have the clouds to block any outing radiation from the earth's surface. as earth cools you don't have any clouds in the sky and that is rest peace for serious cold. wind calmed down as well. we are down to 35 in reading. thirty-three in allentown. twenty-five in mount pocono.
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39 degrees right now at the airport. it feels colder. some spots feeling like the 20's. your first forecast if you are out and about on this friday night we're talking about brisk and cold conditions all the way through down to 36 by 7:00 p.m. 35 degrees by 9:00 o'clock and by 11:00 we are down to freezing. that means temperatures will drop in the 20's all across the region as we go through the overnight hours. it will be a quiet start to winter. that begins on sunday. we are tracking a storm for christmas eve and i'll let you know if is there any snow heading our way for christmas coming up when i have your full seven day forecast. for now back inside to you. >> that is big question, white christmas or not, thanks kate. manhunt is underway for massing gunman wanted in a rash of robberies that were caught on tape. they target convenient stores, all in the same neighborhood. investigators tell them they are more brazen with each crime they commit. >> it is always the gun to the head, and that is what concerns me the most.
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>> reporter: captain frank banford is worried about a pattern that is more violent and in more brazen. >> this can only get worse and in the better. >> reporter: banford is handling nine armed robberies in one police district. this started on november 15th and has not stopped. six of the incident caught on camera showing very similar crimes. two hooded mask men with guns drawn demanding cash and a items. crooks are targeting hispanic corner grocery store. they have gotten away with 80 bucks and to nearly $1,600. >> i was so worried about it. >> reporter: police say crimes are getting more intense. in one of the latest robberies the crooks stole a pair of guns. thursday night, a store owner was pistol whipped and hospitalized. >> as the robberies have been going on they are becoming more aggressive. >> reporter: now banford says it is a race against time before they strike again and they need your help.
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>> they are armed, they are dangerous, and if anyone has any information do not approach these guys. >> reporter: currently the description of the suspect keeps changing based on who is viewing the crime. however, we are putting the full assortment of video gathered by police on our web site at cbs if you know anything you're asked to call police immediately. for now we're at central detectives, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a warning tonight from cherry hill police about pick pockets, police there have released surveillance photos in four incident, victim's credit cards were robbed to the tune of $14,000. people were behind at wegmans. the first incident happened november 5th, the most recent on tuesday. form er penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky won't be getting his pension back. state employees retirement system issued its the decision in the 122 page opinion. an attorney for sandusky plans to challenge that ruling.
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sandusky's $4,900 a month pension was canceled two years ago have after he was sentenced to prison for child molestation. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight a philadelphia air men makes a emotional return home for the the holidays in olde city... ire men first class chen gordon surprised her sister cha a i at charter high school for architecture and design. the reunion happened during an academic award ceremony for chai and her fellow seniors. >> i didn't think it would turnout to be this big. i thought i would walk into her class and just surprise her and just take her out of school. >> i'm very happy. i still can't wait to go and hug my sister now that she's here earlier then i expect. >> air man gordon has been in training since march. she's now serving at defense language institute in california. well, the the delaware river water front will be
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buzzing with activity as we ring in 2015. >> three, two, one... >> i was thrilled to be at city hall with our general manager jon hitchcock to unveil the new years event details for philadelphia and camden. it will include two fire works displays, one at 6:00 p.m. new years eve and then, of course, one at the stroke of midnight. you can watch the midnight show in its entirety live right here on cbs-3. >> two outstanding fire works shows at both 6:00 p.m. and midnight have become a new years eve tradition for many families across this wonderful region. >> and, of course, fun continues on new years day with the the philadelphia tradition, the mummers parade. some mummers were on hand to help us celebrate. this holiday season is extra special for one local woman because of what she's now able to do. >> until september i had never been able to see my two
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grandchildren. >> this is really a remarkable medical break through and our stephanie stahl talked to one of the first women in the country to receive a bionic eye. she will tell you how it works. our joy of sharing toy drop off continues right now. we will tell you how to make will holiday brighter for children all across the region, kate. we are heading in the last shopping weekend before christmas and it looks quiet out there on storm scan three right new but we are tracking stormy weather in to next week, christmas eve in fact, i'll have the latest on that system coming up. and it is now official the phillies legend jimmy rollins is heading to the west coast, beasley will have all of the details in sports.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch a philadelphia woman is seeing wonders of the holiday season for the first time in a long time. >> she's first in our area to have a bionic eye a break through allowing blind people to see. stephanie stahl takes us on her first journey to love park. >> let's go look. let's go see. >> reporter: frank fulton is seeing philadelphia's christmas village for the first time with her
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grandchildren. >> isn't it beautiful. >> reporter: fran has rp , a gradually that robbed her vision. she's among first in the country to have a new bionic eye. >> it is wonderful to feel a part of the world again. >> reporter: her vision is limited and fuzzy so she uses her cain to be safe but she can see her grandchildren for the first time and many holiday sights. >> it is a feeling of freedom and a feeling of wonder. >> reporter: fran's vision starts with the camera in dark glass that he is she wears. they are equipped with the video pros zest or attached to the controller. they are transmitted wirelessly to a chip implanted in fran's eye, as seen in these images provided by the maker argust. >> the chip implant is serving as a way to by pass the vision cells that have been lost. >> reporter: doctor allen ho with wills eye who performed the surgery says right now the the by beyond i can eye is only available to patients
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with rp but they are hoping to some day make it to patients with other forms of blindness. >> it is really a marriage of technology, micro electronics, wireless technology, blue tooth wireless communications, and tissues. >> i don't know how anybody figured this out. it is beyond my conception, but -- >> you love it. >> i love it. >> reporter: how about that. fran hassed surgery first in fill back in july and it has taken months of therapy for her to get used to seeing, with just this new technology. but like she said, who would think of this. >> exactly. >> it is amazing,. >> the technology is mind blowing but it is results that matter most. >> special holiday for her and her family. >> you are right about that. >> thanks, stephanie. >> true meaning of the holiday season is taking center stage today with our joy of sharing
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campaign. thousands of toys are being delivered to our cbs-3 studios and they will soon, end up, with a well deserving child. our beasley easies live outside where the toys just keep on coming, beasley? >> reporter: yes, jessica, this is a special night, a special campaign, the joy of sharing and here from wip, one of my favorite hosts, now you can put the face, to the voice, brian hannan from wip. >> my favorite wing bowl national anthem singer right here beasley reese. >> so you guys collect toys. >> yes. >> how did you collect your toys. >> people stopped by at different things we were doing. >> don't talk about basketball. >> i will put this down. >> kids will love this basketball though. >> maybe your kid will practice and help us one day. >> in 2020 we will look good. we will be ready for that. this ball, right now will help the the team, the team. so yeah we have stuff all another, people brought it by fourth and market. some of the hosts and
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employees too. so, yeah, obviously nothing is better than a smile on a kids face from a basketball or football. >> yes. >> so when you look into the truck and you see what has been done by philadelphia. >> yes. >> we talk about being the best sports fans we're actually the best people in the world, look at all of those toys that were brought out. >> that is where we fight in philadelphia. chip said we fight. >> that is what i'm talk about. >> fighting for the kids. >> brian haddad, creative director and one of my favorite hosts. we will be here until 8:00 o'clock, come on by, 1555 hamilton street, drop off a toy or you can text keyword joy to 41444 to make a donation. cbs thanks, beasley. such a great day and to see these donations coming in is stag touring see how full that truck has gotten and we have almost two hours to go.
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bring those toy in. lets start off at 39 degrees from tanya in philadelphia, she sent us a picture from earlier this morning at penny pack creek here and you can see as we zoom in how cloudy it was. we started the day glummy and it looked like another day stuck in the gray but sun came out and it turned out nice outside today. right now 36 degrees. this is from aj a bruce friday moorestown, new jersey, reporting, 36 and temperatures falling slowly here in town. the temperatures are starting to drop especially now that the sun has gone down. if you want to be a weather watcher it is so easy. if you love weather be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. iron up at cbs lets take a look as we look out our weather window towards jack frost big boulder and snow it is not actual weather, nature made snow, it is manmade snow, and cold enough up there, with temperatures in the 20's, to make snow and get those folks ready for a big holiday travel time this weekend, right into next week
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even. people hitting the slopes. lights great there. storm scan three shows no snow or rain falling from the sky at all on the radar picture if you we are tracking this next system while will head off to the south and we will to have watch that energy off the coast as it meets up with another storm that will be swinging flew to next week. but in the meantime right through the weekend we are looking pretty quiet. temperatures right new dropping now that the sunnies down we are at 33 in allentown. the there is that cold 25 in mount pocono. thirty-nine at the airport. down to freezing in millville. the here's what you'll wake up to saturday morning out and about early, bundle will up, temperatures in the 20's just been where, mount pocono down to 22, on saturday morning. so it is dry weekend, cool, tomorrow even a little cooler than today, high just barely get together degree mark tomorrow. not quite as bad sunday with high pressure overhead temperatures right up to normal in the lower 40's this time of the year. it is seasonal. watch that system and how it joins forces with this next storm. the center of the low will be
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over it great lakes and that placement puts us on the warm side of the storm. look at all of that green. this is a rain maker, not the a snow maker. here's the the snow through the great lakes and portions of central canada a if we do see any snow for christmas holiday it will be maybe a few flurries on christmas day but we're looking at rain, this time around for the year predicting soaking rain on christmas eve and strong gusty wind as well. through the the overnight hours tonight, a few clouds, chilly at 29 degrees, for your saturday partly sunny chilly day, normal high about 43. we are slightly below average but not too bad. lets take a look at that christmas holiday forecast, we have stockings by fireplace in the a great day christmas eve. fifty-six with rain but christmas take looking better with sun at 44 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast chilly but dry through the weekend. more clouds monday. we will hit up to the 50's and christmas eve may feel like spring then winter, 56 with that rain and we will clear it out chris pennsylvania mass day. speaking of winter officially begins on sunday. >> okay.
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>> it feels like we have been there, for a lit while longer than that. >> kate, thanks. >> sure. and 6:20. we have police activity out in new jersey on the 42 freeway. you can see, a lot of brake height here. i will back out of the way so you can see it over in the shoulder right there. brake lights southbound toward deptford area we will see most of have that delay and backup north bound lanes heading toward the city or 295 still looking okay, owe far. over on i-95 at ridley park, southbound lanes heading toward blue route typically jammed, lightening up from earlier on this afternoon. now pennsylvania avenue at camp hill road an accident pushed over in the right-hand lane and in montgomery county a water main break closing morris road at mount pleasant avenue take skippack pike to get by. stay there
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jimmy rollins has been traded to the los angeles dodgers for two minor league pitchers. the best short stop in franchise history, franchise hits leader officially dealt. trade that was done got hung up because of a tray between dodgers and padres for matt kemp took time n exchange for rollins phillies get tom windell and zach eflen, pitchers. ruben a amaro talk to the media today. >> we have to work for philadelphia phillies first and foremost and do what is best to the organization. these types of trades are not easy but they are also necessary. we felt like this was a necessary move, to try to get younger, better, and, you know, this is just part of the process. >> wow. breaks up chase utley and jimmy rollins, his double reply partner had this to say. dodgers very lucky to acquire a player like jimmy. i have said it time and time again that jimmy makes everyone around him better.
6:25 pm
team will miss his leadership and his smile but mess of all i will in miss our pregame handshake. all right, guys. flyers goalie steve mason suffered an upper body injury in practice. he have is out for weekend games said jeep manager ron hextall. flyers start eight games in toronto and winnipeg saturday and sunday. there will be a mason update on monday. to the eagles now they went old school will by train by 30th street station for tomorrow's game against desean jackson and his mates in washington. you can see the eagles game right here on cb. 367,891st we will get you ready with the toyota kick off special. then it is nfl network pregame show. then eagles at washington at 4:30 followed by san diego and san diego all right here, cbs 36789. over on the cw philly ohio state and north carolina at 1:00, then ucla and kentucky at 3:00 p.m. more news when we come right
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be sure to join "eyewitness news" tonight for a longwood christmas, chris and i will be at long wood gardens for this visually stunning holiday special, tune in tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3 for the lights, to the food, to the music, it is a holiday tradition do you not want to miss. before we go tonight let take a a look at how joy of sharing toy collection is going. this is a time lapse of the toy drop off. truck starts off empty and starts to fill up as day goes on and we are still going. >> it is pack right now. here's a live look outside cbs-3 studio. toy collection continues until 8:00 o'clock tonight at 1555 hamilton street, for other drop off locations, just head to cbs
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stay tuned new for the "cbs evening news". >> mason: tonight, the president says north korea hacked sony. >> we will respond. >> mason: but, he as, sony should not have pulled the film "the interview." >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> i'm scott pelley in havana. at the end of a historic week, cubans are trying to figure out what this new opening with america will mean. >> mason: dr. jon lapook on a surge in flu cases and new questions about the vaccine. and steve hartman with cops following the letter of the law. >> hello, ma'am. your vehicle was targeted. >> mason: and the spirit of the season. >> oh, my gosh! are you serious? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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